How to Connect Ps4 Controller to Apex Mobile

How to Connect Ps4 Controller to Apex Mobile in 2023?

How to Connect Ps4 Controller to Apex Mobile

How to Connect Ps4 Controller to Apex Mobile : Although Apex Legends Mobile was designed with touchscreen controls, you can still use a controller to play the game.
It’s not exactly black magic to use a controller to play first-person shooter games on mobile devices. Manufacturers have competed to provide mobile gamers with the best game controllers for their mobile phones ever since PUBG mobile and other FPS games started to appear for Android and iOS a few years ago.

Although touch screen technology has advanced significantly in recent years, game controllers still offer more comfort, responsiveness, and tactile feedback than on-screen controls.

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You can use your console controllers with Apex Legends Mobile by following the instructions in this guide.

How to Connect Ps4 Controller to Apex Mobile Easily

Respawn Entertainment made it clear that Apex Legends Mobile does not officially support game controllers. Despite this, some players have little trouble using controllers to play Apex Legends Mobile.

According to reports, Apex Legends Mobile is compatible with the following controllers without any additional setup or configuration.

  • PlayStation Controllers (PS4/PS5).
  • Xbox Controller (Xbox One/Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S.

Although players have reportedly managed to make the aforementioned controllers work with their mobile devices, the same controllers might not be compatible with your device.

It won’t hurt to test them out, though, to see if your PlayStation or Xbox controllers work with Apex Legends Mobile.

How to Connect Ps4 Controller to Apex Mobile

How to Connect Ps4 Controller to Apex Mobile

It’s as easy as pairing and playing Apex Legends Mobile with a game controller. Simple, right? Here’s how to go about it:

How to Pair a PlayStation or Xbox Controller with iOS/Android

Controller for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

  1. A complete shut-off of your PlayStation controller is a must.
  2. To enter Pairing Mode, hold down the PS and Share buttons simultaneously until the light bar flashes.
  3. Go to the Bluetooth Settings on your iOS or Android device.
  4. Hold off until your PlayStation controller shows up in the list of Available Devices.
  5. Connect your Android phone or tablet to a PlayStation controller.
  6. Done.

Controller of Xbox One/Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S

  1. Holding down the Xbox Button will turn on your Xbox Controller.
  2. To enter Pairing Mode, press and hold the “Connect” button on the controller.
  3. your iOS or Android device’s Bluetooth should be enabled.
  4. When the Xbox controller appears in the list of Bluetooth devices that are available, tap it.
  5. Like you would with a Bluetooth speaker, pair your iOS or Android device with your Xbox controller.
  6. Done.

How to Connect Ps4 Controller to Apex Mobile

How to Connect Ps4 Controller to Apex Mobile in 2023?

Let’s face it: mechanical tactile buttons, triggers, and joysticks on a controller will never be surpassed by on-screen touch buttons. In any mobile game, there’s something about pressing real buttons that makes you more willing to exert more force.

Although Respawn Entertainment has not yet formally endorsed controller support, we are happy to know that some of the most well-liked console controllers function flawlessly in Apex Legends Mobile.

We will have to wait until the developers officially support all well-liked mobile device game controllers. Soon, Apex Legends Mobile will surpass other mobile battle royale games in terms of competition.

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how to connect ps4 controller to apex legends mobile

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