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Samsung & Apple News

Samsung & Apple News – Breaking news and updates: Over the years, Samsung has produced some successful foldable smartphones, out of which this year’s Galaxy Z Fold Four has set a new record for Android foldables with its impressive features.

Samsung & Apple News

What we expect next from Samsung are slidable or rollable phones. Meanwhile, a new report suggests that Samsung has no plans to manufacture rollable or slidable phones.

UBI Research CEO and Chief Analyst Yee Chung hoon told the Korean Herald the market for foldable phones overlaps with that for slidable phones. It will be difficult for slidable phones to create its own market. Therefore, the analyst says Samsung seems uninterested in slidable phones and will focus resources on foldable phones for some time.

However, it could be possible that Samsung will introduce a rollable or slidable smartphone in the future, but we might not see such innovation by the Korean company in recent years. As of now, Samsung will continue to focus on foldable smartphones instead of attempting to try out other form factors.

Also, the company wants to make foldable mainstream in the smartphone market, so it is working on improving its foldable technology. Furthermore, Yi Chung Hoon also says that for consumers who are familiar with folding phones like the Book, sliding the screen may seem more complicated. Such devices would make a phone less user friendly and could also drop Samsung’s profits. But Samsung’s supremacy in the foldable market could convince other smartphone vendors to explore the possibilities of developing commercial rollable phones, especially Chinese OEMs.

Samsung & Apple News – Breaking news and updates!

Samsung & Apple News

In regards, the analysts said Samsung display has secured an unrivaled competitiveness, especially unrelated. Patents and production knowhow it won’t be easy for Chinese rivals to compete head on. Chinese smartphone makers may seek to launch slidable phones in an attempt to differentiate themselves from Samsung, but the market potential seems limited.

Next year, the Galaxy Z Flip series might receive some of the most important upgrades since the launch of the first model. In 2020, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 will have a larger cover display and a new hinge. The updated hinge design will reportedly make the foldable display crease less noticeable. The ongoing Galaxy Z Flip Four has a one nine inch cover display with fairly good usability.

Next year, however, the Galaxy ZFlip 5 will reportedly have a cover display larger than 30 inches. In other words, the COVID display will be around 60% larger or more via DSCC Ros. Samsung has already increased the size of the COVID screen before, and this would be the second time this element of the Galaxy Z Flip gets revamped. Before the Galaxy Z Flip Three came along, the foldable Flip phones had to make do with a one one inch cover display. Another big upgrade the Galaxy Z Flip Four will reportedly receive next year concerns the hinge design.

The phone will have a new hinge that should bring at least one benefit a less visible horizontal crease on the inner foldable display. These are fundamental changes to the Galaxy ZFlip series, which is probably why we’re hearing about them this early in the phone’s development. The Galaxy ZFlip Four is only a couple of months old. Samsung released it in late August and appears to be on its way to becoming the most successful foldable phone yet.

Samsung & Apple News – Breaking news and updates!

Samsung & Apple News

The Galaxy Z FlipLip Four was recently named Product of the Year in a competition that doesn’t even cover electronic devices. Next year, Samsung aims to ship 26 million foldable Galaxy phones and upgrading the Galaxy Z Flip 5 with a larger cover screen and a better hinge will surely play a part of that strategy.

Samsung will likely release the Galaxy ZFlip 5 in August. September 2023 apple is notoriously slow when it comes to introducing commonplace features to its products. The general rule is that if something was present three generations ago on an Android flagship, you can expect it to arrive on next year’s iPhone.

However, there is one feature that is somewhat conspicuously missing from most modern wearables, namely some form of biometric sensor. With the rate at which they are redefining the way we interact with technology, it is almost strange that nobody has tried putting a fingerprint scanner on a smartwatch. Admittedly, that is a bit of an overstatement. Manufacturers have played around with the idea of implementing fingerprint scanners, but none have done so with great success.

This is precisely why one of Apple’s newest patents draws attention. According to information posted on patently Apple, apple has successfully secured a patent for a fingerprint scanner on a future generation of the Apple Watch. Considering that Apple is usually more fond of refining new features than pioneering them, it makes sense why this patent stands out.

Apple New Iphone 15 Updates and News:

The fingerprint scanner, based on the images from the official patent will be located next to the crown of the device. The positioning is not entirely surprising given the form factor limitations, but this placement raises at least two questions. Firstly, given that fingerprint scanners are typically integrated into a dedicated button, why would Apple add a second parallel button?

It would have made much more sense to put the fingerprint scanner into the crowd. The only logical explanation is that future Apple Watches could come with a second dedicated button. The second question is much easier to answer, however. Why does Apple not experiment with an under display fingerprint scanner? Samsung has been doing it for years, and all the problems with the reliability of the newer technology are offset by the fact that a smartwatch will never be a user’s primary device. Hence, any security concerns remain limited.

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But Apple is Apple, and it would never put something that has not been tried and tested on one of its products. It should be noted that hundreds of patents are filed every day and only a select few see the light of day. Apple might ultimately decide to never implement a fingerprint scanner in the Apple Watch. Or it could be done a different way entirely.

Or maybe, just maybe, it could be done in the way shown in this patent. Following in Apple’s footsteps, Samsung is reportedly working on offering users satellite communication support on its next gen flagships. A new report out of South Korea reveals that the company is working with US. Based Iridium Communications to provide satellite connectivity for the upcoming Galaxy S 23 series.

Although Samsung hasn’t revealed any details about the Galaxy S 23 series officially, leaks suggest that the lineup will include three devices featuring minor hardware improvements over the Galaxy S 22 series from last year. The phones will likely pack Qualcomm’s latest flagship Snapdragon chipset, the Snapdragon Eight, Gen Two, and offer a few camera improvements.

Samsung & Apple News

Best Tech news 2022 and 2023 Samsung & Apple News

In addition, a new report from Et News via Ice Universe claims that the lineup might also offer satellite communications support. The report states that Samsung is working with Iridium Communications to leverage the latter’s 66 low orbit communication satellites to bring the feature to Galaxy S 23 series users. Unlike Apple’s implementation, which only offers emergency communications over satellite, Samsung satellite communications feature could let users send text messages and low resolution images.

The company has reportedly overcome all technical hurdles to pack a new modem RF system capable of satellite communication on the devices. It’s worth noting that Huawei already offers a similar satellite communication feature on the Mate 50 series, which utilizes Beto satellites to help users send and receive limited text messages. At the moment, it isn’t clear if Samsung will offer the feature for free like Apple, or charge users for sending messages and media over a satellite connection.

Samsung & Apple News – Breaking news and updates!

We expect to learn more about the feature in the months leading up to the Galaxy S 23 series launch. All eyes are now on Samsung’s next flagship smartphone launch. There have already been countless rumors and reports concerning the Galaxy S 23 series. It was already expected that the launch will take place in early 2023. A new report now provides some additional insight. Samsung is reportedly going to conduct a fullfledged unpacked event for the Galaxy S 23 launch in San Francisco.

This would be the first in person event since they were put on hold due to the pandemic. Korean media is reporting, citing a Samsung electronics executive with knowledge of the matter at Samsung’s, galaxy S 23 unpacked event is going to take place in early February 2023. This event will be held in San Francisco like the ones before it. Samsung’s last full fledged unpacked event was for the Galaxy S 20 series in San Francisco. The source doesn’t provide an exact date, but other local reports do mention that the event may take place in the first week of February.

Samsung & Apple News

Samsung News and updates:

Since the Galaxy S 22 series was unveiled on February 9, 2022, it’s not outside the realm of possibility for its successor to be launched in the claimed timeframe. Samsung shifted to virtual unpacked events after the Pandemic hit in 2020. It has conducted online launch events for new Galaxy S and Galaxy Z flagships since then. The company did conduct some in person experiences for the Galaxy Z Fold Four and Galaxy Z Flip Four this year, but it’s yet to return to full fledged in person unpacked events.

With travel and event restrictions no longer a concern, it may be about time for Samsung to restart its glorious product launch events. Several other reports suggest that the Galaxy S 23 may be priced higher than its predecessor due to inflationary pressures. Whether or not that ends up being true remains to be seen. We often hear rumors of price increases for new Samsung flagships before their launch, so these reports are just par for the course.

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