Stable Diffusion has probably generated a lot of buzz during the past few months. The updated version (v2) is now available.

additionally, it offers a depth-image-to-image mode that might be immensely helpful in addition to the common image-to-image and text-to-image modes.

The fundamental concept is that you may add depth as well as an image to the model, giving you choice over what goes where.

Although stable diffusion can be a little perplexing, we already have some excellent resources to help you understand it. Regarding input,

You can utilise a depth map generated by a lidar-equipped camera—many modern smartphones come with one—or have another model (like MiDaS) infer it from a 2D image.

This gains impact when you are able to save a particular composition, like a famous movie scene. The figures' stances can remain on the screen while the styling is changed.