A new HD Texture Pack for Red Dead Redemption 2 has been published by modder "WickedHorseMan." By updating all ground and rock textures, this pack seeks to enhance the visual appeal of the game.

The modder upsized the textures by four times using AI methods like ESRGAN. However, keep in mind that the reflection textures and normal maps have not been altered.

We strongly advise using it since the modder improved the stock textures utilising AI methods. After all, the aesthetic style of the original/vanilla textures is still present in these new ones.

From this page, you can get the HD Texture Pack. Additionally, you may see some images of these substantially improved textures below.

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All weapons include an AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack and the "The Matrix" bullet time effect. A mod that adds 13 lore-friendly Mexico map additions is also available.

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