In 2023, Solar Foods, a Finnish food tech business renowned for its approach to alternative protein - microorganisms cultured with electricity and air - is poised to make significant progress.

According to New Scientist, the business is building its first commercial-scale machine that can produce food directly from carbon dioxide near Helsinki, Finland.

CEO of Solar Foods Pasi Vainikka told New Scientist, "We are a little behind schedule, but production may begin in 2023 or so."

Vainikka stated that the factory will have the capacity to produce 100 tonnes per year, which is adequate for four or five million meals.

Solein, an alternative protein, and its use in various foods have been investigated for two years in a pilot facility.

Business Finland recently granted a €34 million grant for Solar Foods, making it the world's largest public award for cellular agriculture.

Solar Foods was also selected by the European Commission's strategic hydrogen economy core in September 2022.