iPhone 15 Pro

Why I am Returning My iPhone 15 Pro


iPhone 15 Pro:- The iPhone 15 Pro is a fantastic phone, but after several days of testing, I haven’t discovered any substantial improvements over the 14 Pro from the previous year.

Build Quality:

The iPhone 15 Pro’s titanium construction, which replaces the stainless steel of the iPhone 14 Pro, is one of its standout characteristics. Surprisingly, I discovered that I enjoyed the heavier feel of the model from the previous year, and durability testing showed that the 14 Pro’s stainless steel was more resistant to drops than the 15 Pro’s titanium. In addition, the 14 Pro’s polished stainless steel resists scratches better than the 15 Pro’s coated titanium.

Mute Switch vs. Programmable Action Button; iPhone 15 Pro

On the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple replaced the traditional mute switch with a programmable action button. Although I appreciate the change, using it to access the camera is just slightly quicker than using the lock screen shortcut.


My iPhone 14 Pro was already operating flawlessly, despite the iPhone 15 Pro’s higher processor and better graphics. The improvements made in this area might not be necessary unless you have very precise requirements for high performance.

USB and ProRes Video

Although the ProRes video shooting capabilities is intriguing, my tests found little to no visual difference between ProRes and MP4. Dynamic range is much improved when shooting in Log on professional cameras, however I wasn’t noticing this increase in the film from the 15 Pro.

iPhone 15 Pro Camera Upgrades:

A new iPhone is typically taken into consideration for its camera enhancements. The advancements are not as significant as one might anticipate this year, though. Analyzing each camera individually

  • Wide: On both phones, video, stabilization, and photographs recorded under diverse circumstances produced essentially identical results.
  • Similar to the ultra-wide, there were no discernible differences in the video, stabilization, or image quality with the telephoto.
  • Standard Lens: This is where the major improvement can be found. The primary camera of the iPhone 15 Pro has a 48 megapixel sensor, which provides significantly improved dynamic range and somewhat better photo quality. The 12-megapixel camera on the 14 Pro still produces stunning images, though.


In the end, there’s no denying that the iPhone 15 is a terrific phone with some standout features. The only improvement you’ll probably notice if you don’t frequently use USB-C file transfers is that the main camera’s photos now have a wider dynamic range.

The 15 Pro is definitely an obvious choice if you’re replacing a phone that is more than a year old, but if you currently have a 14 Pro, waiting for next year’s model won’t cost you anything.

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