Your phone will test a national emergency alert on Wednesday

Your phone will test a national emergency alert on Wednesday

National Emergency Alert:- You have been forewarned. On Wednesday afternoon, the federal government will test the emergency alert system across the country.

The test messages will be broadcast to all radios, TVs, and cellphones. The test will vibrate and play sounds on mobile devices.

In advance of genuine emergencies, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Communications Commission are conducting the test. In the event that Americans are threatened by natural disasters, terrorism, or other threats to public safety, the test’s objective is to make that the emergency message system is functioning properly.

You may be accustomed to the startling noises that accompany AMBER (America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response) and National Weather Service alerts. The same wireless network will be use to deliver Wednesday’s cell phone warnings.

What is the Test happening?

On October 4 at around 2:20 PM ET, the test is set to start.

The notice should only appear once within the 30-minute testing time. The test may be postpone if an actual emergency arises on that day; a backup test is plane for the following week.

What will the test message look like?

On Cell Phones, the alert will read:

THE NATIONAL WIRELESS EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM IS BEING TEST. Nothing needs to be done. “ESTA ES UNA PRUEBA del Sistema Nacional de Alerta de Emergencia,” will appear on Spanish-speaking phones. There is no need for action.

TV and radio will announce:

“From 14:20 to 14:50 ET, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will be testing the Emergency Alert System across the whole country. Just consider this a test. The public does not need to take any action.

Why is the test happening?

According to the law, FEMA must test the Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS) on a nationwide scale at least once every three years. A nationwide exam was last administered in 2021.

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